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Agrometeorology : A Simplified Textbook

New India Publishing Agency

Titre : Agrometeorology : A Simplified Textbook

Auteur (s) : Kathiresan, G.
Publisher  : New India Publishing Agency
Date de parution : 2015
Pages : 190

This is books covers the entire course contents as per the revised syllabus of ICAR for students of agrometeorology. Written in simple and understandable language ; fully supported by figures, diagrams, equations and formulas to help the beginners. In short the book is a must for beginners in its field

Chapter 01 Agrometeorology-definitions
Chapter 02 Atmosphere
Chapter 03 Weather and climate
Chapter 04 Solar radiation
Chapter 05 Atmospheric pressure
Chapter 06 Atmospheric humidity
Chapter 07 Wind
Chapter 08 Clouds
Chapter 09 Hydrological cycle
Chapter 10 Evaporation and transpiration
Chapter 11 Cloud seeding
Chapter 12 Weather aberrations
Chapter 13 El Nino and La Nina
Chapter 14 Phenology and Bioclimatic law
Chapter 15 Agricultural Seasons of India
Chapter 16 Agroclimatic zones
Chapter 17 Weather forecasting
Chapter 18 Crop Weather Modeling
Chapter 19 Agroclimatic Normals for Field crops
Chapter 20 Monsoons of India
Chapter 21 Green House Gases
Chapter 22 Synoptic Chart


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