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Oxford 16-17 April 2015

3rd Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference

Interdisciplinary Conference

3rd Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference

Lieu et date : Oxford 16-17 April 2015

Organisation  : Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference


Deserts and drylands encompass 40% of the globe and shelter two billion people. Arid regions are home to the major religions, valued natural resources, scarcity, wealth and poverty, and face issues that dominate our time. Geopolitics, climate change, development, land degradation, population growth and conflict are issues that have relevance beyond any singular department or perspective. The 3rd Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference, from 16-17 April 2015, provides a forum for researchers and those interested in desert and dryland environments and societies to present, discuss and debate dryland themes and research. Currently desert issues are atomized in universities, international and governmental organizations and local settings ; the conference brings together people researching, working and living across the world’s desert and semi-desert regions. The conference focuses on exchanging ideas through talks, discussion sessions and working groups. We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The conference will stress discussion and interaction amongst participants. Opportunities include talks, discussion sessions and working groups. The combination of research presentations, open engagement and working group panels will encourage debate, conversation and exchange of ideas. Organisers have received a grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation to bring 10 Asian desert researchers to conference, expanding perspectives, knowledge and participation at the event.

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