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Paris, Unesco 7-10 July 2015

Our common future under climate change

International Scientific conference

Our common future under climate change

Lieu et date : Paris, Unesco 7-10 July 2015


Building on the findings of IPCC AR5 (5th assessment report), the scientific conference “Our common future under climate change”, taking place in Paris, Unesco, in July (7-10), 2015, will present updated knowledge and address key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change.

The main objective of COP 21 that will take place in Paris in December 2015 is to produce a cooperation framework for a steady increase of individual and collective ambition of governments who will have presented their contributions early in 2015. The new climate governance regime is supposed to strengthen confidence, support implementation, maximize benefits of international cooperation, and bring all stakeholders to the realization that a new development model (low carbon, resilient) is actually emerging.

For science, the question has progressively shifted from consolidating the scientific basis for assessing risks and options for action, to defining the form that action has to take in order to engage in a necessary transition to low-carbon and adapted economies and societies. For stakeholders, the question has shifted from reasons for action to the form action has to take.

The scientific community, in partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, plays a major role for shaping our future under climate change, by identifying potential sustainable futures and innovations at different spatial and time scales, by designing and assessing relevant and coherent solutions, policies and measures, and therefore increasing the credibility of the Paris agreement.

The conference will be the major opportunity for scientists, stakeholders and the larger public, to take stock of existing knowledge, explore and identify innovative solutions, discuss them, and prepare for an ambitious post 2015 climate governance regime.


The Conference will explore the following themes : Day 1 : State of Knowledge on Climate Change :
Day 2 : Landscapes of Our Common Future
Day 3 : Responding to Climate Change Challenges :
Day 4 : Collective Action and Transformative Solutions

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