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Emergency Food and Nutrition Support (Afghanistan)


Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : Emergency Food and Nutrition Support (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

Numéro du projet : GB-1-203511

Organismes de mise en œuvre : Other. World Food Programme World Health Organisation - core voluntary contributions account

Durée : 28 Feb 2013 - 30 Sep 2014

Résumé du projet

To provide food security and nutrition support to highly vulnerable people in Afghanistan, who are affected by conflict or disaster. This will benefit around 350,000 households who will be supported with food aid, and treat 92,000 acutely malnourished children, and 95,000 pregnant/lactating women with supplementary feeding. This intervention contributes to UK’s global commitment to MDG 4 (Reducing child mortality) and MDG 5 (Improving maternal health).

Présentation du projet
DFID will provide £12 million, primarily to help deliver emergency food support to 937,000 people in Afghanistan. Part of this assistance will serve to provide healthcare and therapeutic feeding to acutely malnourished or otherwise highly vulnerable patients in food insecure communities. This contribution will help to support humanitarian activities for up to five months, from February to June 2013.

The intervention will be delivered by the World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). It will target food insecure regions of Afghanistan, in which at least 40% of the local population has a caloric intake well below daily requirements (i.e. less than 1,500 kcal/person/day, against a daily requirement of 2,100 kcal/person/day).

Most of the beneficiaries of this intervention will be people forced into displacement by conflict or natural disasters, and extremely insecure rural households. Children, infants, and pregnant or breastfeeding women will make up about one-third of the total caseload for emergency food assistance. The health and therapeutic feeding segment of the intervention will target women and children specifically.

Project budget : £11,893,227

Présentation : UKAID

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