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Strengthening Monitoring and Performance Management for the Poor in South Africa

Afrique du Sud

Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : Strengthening Monitoring and Performance Managementfor the Poor in South Africa

To deliver effective and inclusive monitoring and evaluation of government programmes, especially in front-line services

Pays : South Africa

Numéro du projet : GB-1-202542

Organismes de mise en œuvre : Donor Government

Durée : 09 Dec 2012 - 30 Sep 2015

Présentation du projet
The UK is providing £2 million for strategic and technical support to the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in the Presidency of South Africa, to strengthen performance monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems across the Government of South Africa (GoSA). It aims to help institutionalise M&E systems across central and provincial government in a way that improvesefficiency, effectiveness, coherence, and impact on poverty. This programme contributes to strengthening South Africa’s Open Government Partnership commitments and systems, by promoting citizen engagement. The expected impact to which this programme contributes is : Increased government performance and accountability for delivering services and results for South Africa’s citizens. The expected outcome of the programme will be an effective national monitoring and evaluation system informing government’s work and supporting government’s accountability to citizens.

DFID is providing strategically targeted technical support in order to achieve the following outputs :
1. Front Line Service Delivery (FLSD) Monitoring and reporting systems developed and operational (including service delivery site visits)
2. Citizen Based Service Delivery Monitoring (CBM) System developed and piloted (including citizens’ hotline)
3. Outcomes evaluation system for government programmes developed and operational.
4. DPME strategic M&E support facility is operational (across departments and provinces).

The expected results of the programme are that 50,000 people (from FLSD, CBM pilots and the Presidential Hotline) participate in government or community monitoring (minimum of 50% female). The programme is managed internally by DPME and works with sectoral departments and provincial level Monitoring and Evaluation Units in the Offices of the Premier to support them in improving the quality and frequency of evaluations, developing evaluation action plans, delivering FLSD monitoring and piloting the CBM approach.

Project budget : £2,083,921


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