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Wageningen Universiteit (2001)

Biometrical applications in tropical pasture and agro-pastoral research

Amézquita, M.C.

Titre : Biometrical applications in tropical pasture and agro-pastoral research

Auteur : Amézquita, M.C.

Université de soutenance : Wageningen Universiteit

Grade  : PhD thesis 2001

Biometrical Applications in Tropical Pasture and Agro-pastoral Research" illustrates, through selected Case Studies, the contribution of Biometry to pasture and agro-pastoral research in Tropical Latin America ( TLA ) in the last two decades. Its contribution is represented in research concepts, methodology, and practical research results that help increase land and animal productivity, human welfare, and efficient conservation and management of natural resources.
The selected Case Studies were conducted in various countries of TLA, on the two major ecosystems of the lowland tropics : the Savanna Ecosystem , with 250 million ha, and the Tropical Forest Ecosystem , with 44 million ha. Each Case Study was part of the research agenda and strategy of CIAT (Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, or International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, based in Cali, Colombia), the RIEPT (Red Internacional de Evaluación de Pasturas Tropicales, or International Network for Tropical Pastures Evaluation), the Agro-pastoral Research Network for the Savanna Ecosystem of Tropical America, and pasture and agro-pastoral research programs from Latin American National Agricultural Research and Development Institutions. Each Case Study aimed at solving concrete research problems of pasture and agro-pastoral research in TLA and has been published in relevant scientific media, especially in those addressing needs of Latin American researchers.

Mots clés : biometry / statistical analysis / pastures / agropastoral systems / latin america


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