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AGP-Livestock Market Development (Ethiopia)


Titre : AGP-Livestock Market Development (Ethiopia)

Country : Ethiopie

Sector : Economic Growth and Trade

Project Timeline : 09/17/2012 - 09/16/2017

Project description
Under the U.S. Feed the Future Initiative, AGP-Livestock Market Development generates increased productivity and competitiveness of selected livestock value chains, benefiting both male and female smallholders. The program focuses on meat and dairy value chains. Through AGP-Livestock Market Development, USAID will foster growth, increase food security and reduce poverty by increasing incomes for producers, creating jobs in rural areas, and improving nutrition with support from the U.S. Global Health Initiative. In addition, AGP-Livestock Market Development will address adaptation to climate change—especially in areas with rainfall deficits—by introducing activities and practices to protect livelihoods in the livestock sector.

1. Production level improvements. Improve animal feed systems. Expand animal health delivery systems
2. Improve animal breeding through artificial insemination
3. Market level improvements
4. Link producers and cooperatives to end-market suppliers and consumers
5. Enhance sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards
6. Reduce transaction costs and improve competitiveness of products
7. Strengthen livestock service providers, financial services, feed and animal health services

Total obligation : $25,673,362

Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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