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Environmental Entrepreneurship Program (Ethiopia)


Titre : Environmental Entrepreneurship Program (Ethiopia)

Country : Ethiopia

Sector : Economic Growth and Trade

Project Timeline : 04/08/2013 - 04/07/2018

Project description
Enhanced livelihoods of rural unemployed, destitute, landless youth and poor women through increased production and productivity of rehabilitated and reclaimed hillside land using proven, affordable and sustainable technologies and approaches The Environmental Entrepreneurship Program applies new marginal land management practices, increases knowledge of farming practices, promotes voluntary participation of youth in physical and biological conservation activities, and contributes to the sustainable rural livelihoods of landless youth and women. It strengthens environmental conservation and further rehabilitates the hills and mountains by fostering economic benefits from the rehabilitation of land. The key strategies are ensuring land ownership security of distributed rehabilitated mountains and hillside lands, fostering environmental education and capacity building, mobilizing the youth and women to form interest groups and building consensus with the community members, linking groups with extension service providers, facilitating access to credit, and introducing land management practices.

1. Promote new land management practices to reduce youth and women migration and risk of natural disasters
2. Increase knowledge of farming practices and natural resource management
3. Create innovative and diverse economic opportunities for poor rural women and landless youth to solve their immediate economic needs in the face of mounting climate change concerns
4. Increase the green/vegetation cover of Tigray and strengthen voluntary participation of youth and women in physical conservations of trees plantation activities

Total obligation : $1,000,000

Agence de Développement International du Gouvernement des Etats Unis (USAID)

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