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Green Afghanistan Initiative (GAIN)


Green Afghanistan Initiative (GAIN)

Pays : Afghanistan

Durée : 1 March 2005 – 31 December 2010


In order to complement existing strategy development programmes and bolster Government efforts, several UN agencies have signed an agreement with the Presidency of Afghanistan on a Joint Programme for intervention, with WFP as the Administrating Agent (AA). Funding is sourced centrally and managed by the AA, as per Pass-Through fund management arrangements prescribed in the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Guidelines for Joint Programming. Signatory agencies has made some internal funds available, as seed money to launch pilot projects in 2005, while a longer term plan is developed. This document gives a description of the GAIN plan of intervention and funding requirements for a five year period from 2006 to 2010. Specific interventions by different agencies and government are described in the attached project document and work plan. GAIN will focus its activities around schools and community environmental programmes, while building government capacity, assisting the most vulnerable in the country and developing a network of nurseries to supply projects with much needed planting material. Participation of the private sector and creation of alternative livelihoods in the industry will receive high priority.


To mobilize funds and technical expertise for preparing, implementing, monitoring and reporting on multisectorialactivities, aiming at “Greening Afghanistan.”

Specifically :
* Increasing natural vegetation and forest cover
* Providing alternative sustainable livelihoods
* Increasing environmental awareness through education
* Building Capacity at Institutional and Community Levels

Budget : $79,425,154

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