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Emergency assistance in pastoral areas of Djibouti


Titre : Emergency assistance in pastoral areas of Djibouti

Code du projet : OSRO/DJI/202/JPN

Pays : Djibouti

Durée : 07/03/2012-31/03/2013

Objectif : To contribute to restoring agricultural and livestock production of drought-affected communities, as well as increasing the efficiency of response to food security emergencies by national institutions and the Government.

* 900 kg of assorted vegetable seeds and 480 kg of fodder seeds procured and distributed to 400 pastoral and agropastoral households, along with training, to establish small-scale vegetable and fodder production.
* 800 micro-irrigation tools were distributed – two per household.
* 300 of the most vulnerable families benefited from an 11-day cash-for-work scheme to quickly improve their food security.
* Two training programmes on agropastoral field schools (APFS) organized for APFS facilitators (38 in first session, 34 in second).
* Inputs provided to enable facilitators to set up groups in their communities.
* Two dams of 20 000 m3 each constructed in remote areas of Arta and Dikhil regions, along transhumance routes.

Partenaires : Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Water and Agriculture, Ministry of Education, regional and local authorities, local communities.

Donneur : Japan
Contribution : USD 1 910 467

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