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Environmental Hygiene - Eiseb Block (Namibia)


Titre : Environmental Hygiene - Eiseb Block (Namibia)

Pays : Namibie

Numéro projet : NAM/SGP/OP5/Y4/CORE/CD/14/04

Domaine : CapDev

Durée : 7/2014 – 12/2014

Bénéficiaire : Oukohoke Utjita Mbangu Project

This community consists of communal farmers that were resettled from Botswana after the Namibian independence, 250km eastern of Gobabis in the Omaheke region. The community do not have proper waste management and sanitation system and it is posing thread to the environment, people and their livestock. This project seeks to initiate sanitation and waste management project for its community that is close to 4,500. The project aims to improve sanitation and hygiene services in investing in appropriate toilet technology and strengthen awareness on waste management.

Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 3,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 1,500.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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