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Utilizing solar energy for drying agricultural crops and medicinal herbs. (Palestinian authority)

Palestinian authority

Titre : Utilizing solar energy for drying agricultural crops and medicinal herbs. (Palestinian authority)

Pays : Palestinian authority

Numéro projet : PAL/01/20

Domaine : Climate Change Mitigation

Durée : 8/2001 – 6/2002

Bénéficiaire : Union of Agricultural Work Committee/Gaza

The project will contribute to the adoption of renewable energy by removing technical and economic barriers to demonstrate solar technology at the community level for drying seasonal agricultural crops particularly vegetables and medicinal herbs in two agricultural sites in Khan Younis and Deir Al Ballah.

Environmental Benefits : Women would dry extra produce in the sun. Since it takes a long time, women would often use gas-powered ovens to accelerate the process. Adoption of the solar dryer has replaced this use of fossil fuels.
Income generation : The solar dryer has opened up new income-generating opportunities, since it produces higher quality dried produce in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, as the project is scaled up, it may enable women to generate income from this renewable energy-powered activity instead of from another activity that depletes energy or other natural resources. The husbands of many women participating in the cooperatives are unemployed. So the income generated from this project is critical for these families.
Capacity Development : This project involved significant capacity building for 65 women involved in the 17 cooperatives. UAWC has conducted workshops, total 70 training hours for these women covering topics such as how the solar dryer works and how to package and market their products. Institutional capacity building also took place when an SGP planning grant was used to hire a specialized local consultant to design the solar dryers, together with a team form within UAWC. This helped to build local capacity to produce equipment in lower costs.
Public awareness : The project team has created a booklet describing the solar dryers and their use, and organized seminar’s to spread awareness about dryers.
Scaling Up/Replication : The grantee has proudly received funding from Friedrich Bomain Foundation, Municipality of Barcelona and Sardinia for the total of $ 103,000 to scale up the project in other localities.

Financement :
Grant Amount (GEF Small Grants Programme) : US$ 32,500.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 7,400.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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