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Promoting solar energy pumps for irrigation in Al Zeaton area in Gaza. (Palestinian authority)

Palestinian authority

Titre : Promoting solar energy pumps for irrigation in Al Zeaton area in Gaza. (Palestinian authority)

Pays : Palestinian authority

Numéro projet : PAL/00/10

Domaine : Climate Change Mitigation

Durée : 6/2000 - 7/2002

Bénéficiaire : Palestinian Hydrology Group

The project demonstrates the utilization of solar energy for pumping ground water as an alternative to traditional diesel energy source. The solar unit pumps 15m3 per day from the ground water (15m below the sea surface) in Al Mawassi which is one of the most environmentally attractive places in Palestine in terms of biodiversity. The unit is able to irrigate an area of 3 dunums (0.3 hectar) for 2 seasons, and it has a potential to increase its pumping capacity up to 45m3 per day for 25 years. Disseminating information on solar energy technology and health among neighboring communities is also a vital component of the project. In addition, the unit allows researchers to experiment the efficiency of solar pumping techniques as an alternative to the traditional sources

Environmental benefit : The project demonstrated the utilization of photovoltaic cells to generate electricity up to 10.28 kWh per day to pump ground water for irrigation as an environmentally sustainable alternative for using diesel generators. As a result, reduced use of diesel leads to less air pollution.
Capacity building : The project contributed to transferring technology in the potential utilization of renewable energy for agricultural purposes in Al Zaiton area south Gaza city to pump ground water in 35 meters depth. In addition, conducting in-house training for the grantee staff in designing and monitoring renewable energy projects has built in institutional capabilities in this field. Two years after the project completion, the grantee succeeded to deign and implement another project in utilizing solar energy for street lighting in the Coastal area of Gaza.
Awareness/influence : Through organizing series of workshops to demonstrate financial and environmental feasibility, the project influences government agencies, banks and agricultural crediting organizations to allocate subsides and soft loans for farmers to enable them replicating the project idea in other communities. At the community level, the project launched “house to house” awareness campaign in which a project booklet, poster and brochure were used in order to disseminate information on the new adapted technology.

Financement :
Grant Amount (GEF) : US$ 49,276.00
Co-Finanshing Cash : US$ 15,000.00
Co-Finanshing in-Kind : US$ 51,257.00

GEF Small Grants Programme

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