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Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought

Oxford University Press

Titre : Monitoring and Predicting Agricultural Drought

Edited by : Vijendra K. Boken, Arthur P. Cracknell, and Ronald L. Heathcote
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Date de parution : 12 May 2005
Pages : 496

1. Agricultural Drought and its Monitoring and Prediction : Some Concepts , Vijendra K. Boken
2. Drought Related Characteristics of Important Cereal Crops , Keith T. Ingram
3. Monitoring Agricultural Drought using El Niño and Southern Oscillation Data , Lino Naranjo Dnullaz
4. Techniques to Predict Agricultural Droughts , Zekai nullen and Vijendra K. Boken
5. Drought Monitoring Using Coarse-Resolution Polar-Orbiting Satellite Data , Assaf Anyamba, Compton J. Tucker, Alfredo R. Huete, and Vijendra K. Boken
6. NOAA/AVHRR Satellite Data Based Indices for Monitoring Agricultural Droughts , Felix N. Kogan
7. Passive Microwaves Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture and Regional Drought Monitoring , Thomas J. Jackson
8. Active Microwaves Systems for Drought Stress Monitoring , Anne M. Smith, Klaus Scipal, and Wolfgang Wagner
9. Drought Monitoring in the United States : Status and Trends , Donald A. Wilhite, Mark D. Svoboda, and Michael J. Hayes
10. Agricultural Droughts in North-Central Mexico , J. Alfredo Rodriguez-Pineda, Lorrain Giddings, Hnulltor Gadsden, and Vijendra K. Boken
11. A. Anthony Chen, Trevor Falloon, and Michael Taylor
12. Agricultural Drought Phenomenon In Latin America With Focus On Brazil , Orivaldo Brunini, Pedro Leite Da Silva Dias, Alice M. Grimm, Eduardo Delgado Assad, and Vijendra K. Boken
13. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Poland , Z. Bochenek, K. Dabrowska-Zielinska, A.Ciolkosz, S. Drupka, and V.K. Boken
14. Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Mainland Portugal , Fatima Espirito Santo, Rita Guerreiro, Vanda Cabrinha Pires, Luis E. V. Pessanha, and Isabel M. Gomes
15. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Russia , A. D. Kleschenko, E. K. Zoidze, and V.K. Boken
16. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for the Near East , Eddy De Pauw
17. Agricultural Droughts in Ethiopia , Engida Mersha and Vijendra K. Boken
18. Agricultural Drought Monitoring : The Case of Kenya , L. A. Ogallo, S. B. Otengi, P. Ambenje, W. Nyakwada , and F. Githui
19. Drought Monitoring Techniques for Famine Early Warning Systems in Africa , J. Rowland, J. Verdin, A.. Adoum, and G. Senay
20. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Southern Africa , L. S. Unganai and T. Bandason
21. Harnessing Radio and Internet Systems to Monitor and Mitigate Agricultural Droughts in Rural African Communities , Marion Pratt, Macol Stewart Cerda, Mohammed Boulahya, and Kelly Sponberg
22. Livestock Early Warning System for Africa Rangelands , Jerry W. Stuth, Jay Angerer, Robert Kaitho, Abdi Jama, and Raphael Marambii
23. Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Management in India , A.S. Rao and V.K. Boken
24. Agricultural Droughts in Bangladesh , Ahsan U. Ahmed, A. Iqbal, and A.M. Choudhury
25. A Drought Warning System for Thailand , Apisit Eiumnoh, Rajendra P. Shrestha, and Vijendra K. Boken
26. Agricultural Droughts in Indonesia , Rizaldi Boer and A.R. Subbiah
27. Agricultural Droughts in Vietnam , Nguyen van Viet and Vijendra K. Boken
28. Monitoring Agricultural Droughts in China , Guoliang Tian and Vijendra K. Boken
29. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for Australia , K. A. Day, K. G. Rickert, and G. M. McKeon
30. Agricultural Drought Monitoring for South Korea , H. Ryong Byun, S. Young Hong, and Vijendra K. Boken
31. World Meteorological Organization and Agricultural Droughts , M.V.K. Sivakumar
32. Food and Agriculture Organization and Agricultural Drought , Elijah Mukhala
33. International Activities Related to Dryland Degradation Assessment and Drought Early Warning , Ashbindu Singh
34. Climate Change, Global Warming, and Agricultural Droughts , Gennady V. Menzhulin, Sergey P. Savvateyev, Arthur P. Cracknell, and Vijendra K. Boken

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