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Solid Waste Management in Minya Governorate - Phase II (Egypt)


Titre : Solid Waste Management in Minya Governorate - Phase II (Egypt)

Pays : Egypt
Localisation : Minya Governorate (Matai Markaz, Beni Mazar, Matai and Samalut markaz

Durée : 2010 - 2015

Domaine d’intervention : Environment and Energy

The first phase of the project has established an independent SWM Organizational Structure in Minya Governorate - as a pilot project for other rural governorates – and developed an integrated plan for solid waste management in Minya Governorate. The second phase of this project consists of three components :
1- Establish a waste composting plant – based on Italian Technology which is appropriate to the Egyptian Conditions - in one of the Matai Markazes of Minya governorate (Matai is the proposed location of the composting plant) where organic waste will be turned into high quality fine compost, the possible Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is extracted to be sold to the Cement Plants which are located/adjacent to Minya Governorates, and the secondary materials will be sorted and sold to waste dealers for further recycling processes.
2- Establish two Transfer Stations in two other Markazes which are bordering Matai (Beni Mazar from the north and Samalut for the south), to transfer waste generated from the two markazes to the composting plant.
3- Establish a Sanitary Landfill for the remaining rejects to be disposed of finally on a sanitary base, and remediate and upgrade three open public dumps

Financement : Egyptian Italian Debt for Development SWAP US$ 192,051.27

Présentation : PNUD

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