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Animal products from the Mediterranean area

Wageningen Academic Publishers

Edited by : J.M.C. Ramalho Ribeiro, A.E.M. Horta, C. Mosconi and A. Rosati

Editeur : Wageningen Academic Publishers
Date de parution : 2006
Pages : 416


This book and its case studies focuses on typical local products and breeds, descriptions of the production systems and conservation techniques of endangered breeds/products in the Mediterranean area.

Traditional and extensive systems, involving local breeds, which meet the needs of the population requiring safe foods at a reasonable costs, are validated for their specific meaning to the region.

It is acknowleged that natural constraints of the Mediterranean area of climate and geography, make it unfavourable to mass production at low cost. Profit related aspects are discussed considering the different economic realities of the northern part of the basin compared to the southern part.

Characteristics of typical animal production with consideration for positive and negative impacts on production systems and on the environment as well as the need to adjust to climate uncertainty and seasonal variability of feed resources, is also discussed.

A focus is given to the following areas :
(1) animal production economy and social impact in the Mediterranean area ;
(2) utilisation of natural resources and environmental impact of the animal production systems ;
(3) possibilities for improving traditional systems ;
(4) quality and traceability of typical products ;
(5) moving from traditional to certified animal products.

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