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Small Hydro Power Development (Kirghizistan)


Titre : Small Hydro Power Development (Kirghizistan)

Pays : Kirghizistan

Durée : 2010 – 2013

Partenaires : Ministry of Energy, NGOs, private energy companies

The main goal of the project is to accelerate sustainable small hydropower (SHP) electricity generation in Kyrgyzstan. As part of the project UNDP will help introduce a competitive private power framework to supply the grid with SHP-generated electricity at market-determined prices, assist the Government in closing private sector funded SHP investments.

Résultats attendus
•Draft of methodology for the economic/financial evaluation of small hydropower plants. •A complete set of regulations on financial and other incentives for developers of small hydro power plants. •Draft guidelines and technical standards for maintenance and operation small hydropower. •Feasibility studies for 2 small pilot hydropower sites. •A number of constructed pilot micro hydro power plants. •A number of medical units in remote areas have installed pilot micro hydro power stations and solar power panels.

Financement : GEF 950,000 MDG Carbon Facility 280,000 EU-UNDP IWRMP 280,000 UNDP 100,000

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