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Lebanese Centre for Water Conservation and Management (LCWCM)


Titre : Lebanese Centre for Water Conservation and Management (LCWCM)

Pays : Lebanon

Durée : 2010 – 2015

Although known as a water rich country, recent assessments of water availability compared to demand for domestic use, agriculture, industrial and environment have shown that Lebanon will soon be facing water shortages. Some studies show that Lebanon may face chronic and critical water shortages by 2020 unless the sector is reformed. If business as usual continues then the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) will in the very near future be unable to meet the needs of the country. Unsustainable water management practices, environmental risks and water governance shortcomings are among the key challenges to be met. Consequently, it is critical for the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) to optimize resource use through an integrated approach to water management.
The objective of this project is to create a centre at the MEW that will coordinate and promote sustainable water management through both technical and policy-level support

Résultats attendus
1. Technical capacity building on sustainable water management : - Activate secretariat of MENBO. - Develop an action plan for the secretariat. - Review of existing strategies/plans, projects and studies. - Identify data needs and technical gaps. - Coordinate on-going water programmes. - Develop the capacity of stakeholders in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). - Consult with stakeholders. - Asses national priorities and fund availability. - Develop and prioritize an action plan for one year on sustainable water policy. - Draft proposals to push the action plan forward.

2. National public awareness raising : - Develop national communication and marketing plan on sustainable water. - Implement public awareness plan. - Raise the awareness of stakeholders on IWRM.

Financement : UNDP $50,000.00 MEW $1000,000.00 Total $1,050,000.00

Présentation : PNUD

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