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Strengthening the Agricultural Research in Eritrea Phase II


Titre : Strengthening the Agricultural Research in Eritrea Phase II

Pays : Eritrea

Identification du projet : GCP/ERI/006/ITA

Durée : 2001 – 2005

Agriculture is the most important sector of the Eritrean economy, relying primarily on smallholder traditional crop and livestock production. In the past decade, the country’s economy in general and the agricultural sector in particular were seriously affected by both the prolonged political unrest and periodic droughts, which displaced farmers, reduced the availability of agricultural inputs and adversely affected agricultural support services including research and extension.
Since attaining independence from Ethiopia in 1991, the Government of the State of Eritrea has focused on developing its agricultural research and extension service capacity both through human resources and infrastructure development. In this context, following a specific request of Eritrea, FAO implemented project GCP/ERI/001/ITA (total budget US$4466488) funded by the Government of Italy, which came into effect in 1996. It lasted five years up to August 2001. The project aimed at rehabilitating the Research and Extension Division within the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), supporting the setting up of a research station and providing extensive staff training both within and outside the country.

The overall goal of the project is to assist the MoA in building-up its institutional capacity for the generation and dissemination of relevant improved agricultural technology and modern cultural practices (within the context of production/farming systems).
Emphasis is given in two areas : firstly, the project will continue to strengthen the human resources capacity of the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) within MoA and improving its ability to manage and carry out effective agricultural research programmes. Secondly it will improve the quality of research services. The research aims at improving the productivity and sustainability of horticultural crops and animal production, developing integrated land and water management systems, and exploring moisture conservation and utilization techniques. The dissemination of findings amongst farmers is expected to increase food security and the standard of living in rural areas.

Partenaire : National Agriculture Research Institute within the Ministry of Agriculture

Budget total : US$2 987 992

FAO – Government of Italy Cooperative programme

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