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Early Recovery Assistance for the Agriculture Small-holder (Lebanon)


Titre : Early Recovery Assistance for the Agriculture Small-holder (Lebanon)

Pays : Liban

Identification du projet : OSRO/LEB/701/UNJ

Date : 2007

* Background : Between 12 July and 14 August 2006, large-scale hostilities broke out in southern Lebanon. The major damage was caused as a result of the impossible access to the fields during the 33 days of bombing as farmers fled their villages and left the crops unattended. The interruption in the care of crops was responsible for a large portion of the income/production losses
* Objectives : The key immediate objective of the project is to provide support to the lives and livelihoods of 1,600 resource-poor and vulnerable horticulture farmers – with critical crop harvest losses – in south Lebanon
* Outputs : The project is designed to provide assistance to vulnerable horticulture farmers in the governorates of the South and Nabatiyeh who have sustained significant losses related to war-conflict
* Small-scale farmers enabled to resume crop production activities, and technical improvement of the production systems through the : (i) installation of 50 greenhouses and Upgrading of 40 greenhouses 90 greenhouse beneficiaries of the project were trained on planting density, the use of mulching, plant hooks and sticky traps (ii) establishment of 4 plant nurseries and training to staff of the 4 nurseries established on plantlet production and nursery , (iii) high quality vegetable seeds (cucumber, melon, squash, snake melon, okra and bean) distributed to 1,752 open field farmers in 77 villages
* Water- and fertilizer use efficiency improved through rational use of water using localized/adapted drip irrigation systems through : (i) the distribution of fertilizers, including organic fertilizer and peat to enrich the soil with nutrients for improved crop production, quality and increase yield and distribution of low toxicity plant protection products, (ii) holding of 5 training sessions for some 1,600 open-field farmer

Organisme de mise en oeuvre : The Directorate of Coordination and Studies and the Directorate of Plant Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture

Budget : US$ 1,370,893

Document source : Coopération FAO-Liban

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