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Desert Meteorology

Cambridge University Press

Titre : Desert Meteorology

Auteur (s) : Thomas T. Warner
Editeur : Cambridge University Press
Date de parution : February 2004
Pages : 595

Aridity prevails over more than one-third of the land area of Earth, and over a significant fraction of the oceans as well. Yet to date there has been no comprehensive reference volume or textbook that deals with the weather processes that define the character of desert areas. Desert Meteorology fills this gap by treating all aspects of desert weather, such as large-scale and local-scale causes of aridity, precipitation characteristics in deserts, dust storms and floods, climate change in deserts, precipitation processes, desertification, the land-surface physics of deserts, numerical modeling of desert atmospheres, and the effect of desert weather on humans. The book includes review questions and problems for the student. This comprehensive volume will satisfy all who need to know more about the weather and climate of arid lands. It will appeal especially to advanced students and researchers in environmental science, meteorology, physical geography, hydrology, and engineering. This is the first and only comprehensive text and reference book on desert meteorology

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