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Strengthening Capacity on Plant Variety Protection (Iran)


Titre : Strengthening Capacity on Plant Variety Protection (Iran)

Pays : Iran

Identification du projet : TCP/IRA/3101

Durée : November 01, 2007- December 31, 2009

* Objectives : The overall objective of the project was to build technical and institutional capacity to ensure long term plant variety protection through (i) strengthen technical capacities at SPCRI by training experts on plant variety) protection issues ; (ii) build institutional capacities by providing necessary testing equipment ; (iii) establish an information system to monitor plant variety protection ; (iv) contribute to the finalization of regulations linked to the plant variety protection act ; and (v) build key technical knowledge and raise awareness amongst key stake holder groups about the PVP system
* Outputs :
During the course of project, key stakeholders from government, universities, private sector and agricultural producers were trained in PVP and awareness of PVP system in general was raised. Five regional workshops on General aspects of PVP with emphasis on DUS test of Regional Crops were held in five different provinces of the country. Also a Workshop on Molecular Techniques for Plant Variety Protection was held in SPCRI headquarters as well. These training workshops built the necessary technical knowledge of participants on : Concept of plant variety protection ; Distinction, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) testing of agricultural crops, vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals ; Administration of a plant variety protection office and management of the registration process ; Information management for DUS testing ; Management of reference collections ; Use of molecular techniques for DUS testing and, Enforcement of PVP It should also be highlighted that a very useful book (in local language) on plant variety protection has been written by national consultants. This book can be used as a valuable reference

Although there remain a number of outstanding actions at the end of this project, but at the conclusion there was a good understanding amongst breeders – both government and private – of the value of an effective PVP system for the improvement of agriculture in Iran and the beneficial impact this would have on the wider economy of the nation. All parties also acknowledged the importance for the continuing economic growth of the country through encouragement that such a system would give to foreign breeders to make their latest .and best varieties available for exploitation in Iran

Implementing Government Agency : Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture, Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute (SPCRI)

Budget : FAO Contribution : U$ 333,892

Document source : Coopération FAO-Iran (page 13)

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