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Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) Egypt


Titre : Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) Egypt

Pays : Egypte

Code du projet : TCP/EGY/0065

Durée : 2000 – 2002

FAO Introduced the information management system networks (VERCON and Rural and Agriculture Development Communication Network in Egypt RADCON), supported sound rural development plans and population) dimension in agricultural extension work (with UNFPA funding) ; to streamline the environment aspects in relation to population and sustainability of resources

Objectives : The objective of the project was to establish a Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network in Egypt in order to strengthen and enable linkages among the research and extension components of the national agricultural knowledge and information system. The overall goal of the project is to improve, through strengthened research-extension linkages, advisory services provided to Egyptian farmers and in particular to resource poor farmers, in order to increase production in food and agriculture with the goal of raising farm incomes

Outputs : a) The prototype of the VERCON information system was implemented in the pilot sites b) The expert systems component for wheat and rice was partially implemented c) The web interface of the statistical database search facility was implemented d) After conversion to Arabic script and formats, the forum component was implemented and made more functional, as required by VERCON users e) The news/events component was implemented based on a customized software tool provided by the FAO World Agricultural Information

Budget : $236 000

Source : Coopération FAO-Egypte (page 19)

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