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Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Arid Environments


Titre : Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in Arid Environments

Auteur (s) : Fengxiang X Han

Editeur : Springer
Date de parution : Available : August 3, 2007
Pages : Approx. 385 p

Global warming has worsened the water resource crisis in many arid zones worldwide, from Africa to Asia, affecting millions of people and putting them at risk of hunger. Effective management of arid zone resources, including understanding the risks of toxic trace and heavy elements to humans, coupled with the need to produce more food to feed the world’s growing population, has thus become increasingly important. This very timely book, the only one of its kind on the market, fills the gap of our knowledge of trace elements in these regions. This book begins by introducing the nature and properties of arid zone soil, followed by an updated overview and comprehensive coverage of the major aspects of the trace elements and heavy metals of most concern in the world’s arid and semi-arid soils. These aspects include : content and distribution ; solution chemistry ; solid-phase chemistry ; selective sequential dissolution techniques ; transfer fluxes ; bioavailability ; pollution and remediation In order to illustrate the themes, a comprehensive and focused case study on transfer fluxes of trace elements in Israeli arid soils is presented. Finally it closes with the global perspectives on anthropogenic interferences in the natural trace elements’

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