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Palestine green gold from producers to consumers

Palestinian authority

Titre : Palestine green gold from producers to consumers

Code du projet : 307-668

Pays : Palestinian authority
Localisation : West Bank (Ramallah, Qalqiliya, Tulkarm, Jenin, Hebron, Bethlehem Governorates) and Gaza Strip (Gaza and North Gaza Governorates)

Durée : 01/2/2013 - 30/06/2015

Provision of comprehensive extension package to small and subsistence farmers • Light land rehabilitation • Opening and rehabilitation of agricultural roads • Construction of rain water harvesting cisterns • Pest and disease control campaigns • Delivery of trainings • Distribution of cultivation, harvesting, pressing and storage equipment and tools • Support oil marketing companies to open new markets, advocating the sector and publication of policy papers • Support women cooperatives establishing olive‑related businesses

Increase profitability of households’ subsistence and small scale olive farmers, especially women-run producer groups and enterprises, through value chain analysis of olive, introduction of natural resource management practices, and ensuring equitable access to markets within a conducive institutional and policy framework

Organisme d’exécution : Agricultural Development Association - PARC

Bénéficiaires : Small scale olive farmers (circa 550 households), women enterprises (12), farmer’s cooperatives (20), Palestinian olive oil companies (2), farmers representative bodies

Partenaires : Oxfam GB, PalTrade, LRC

Financement : EUR 3,150,000 (European Union contribution 79.25%)

Document source : Union Européenne

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