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Renewable Energy Development (Afghanistan)


Titre : Renewable Energy Development (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

Code projet : 47266-001

Date approbation : 12 Dec 2014

Afghanistan is a net energy and electricity importer. While renewable energy and fossil fuel resources exist, exploitation is still in its infancy. The growing demand is met by electricity imports which represented 78% of total supply in 2013. By 2032, demand is forecast to reach 3,500 MW and electric consumption 18,400 GWh. Meeting this demand requires all viable import and domestic sources to be developed and corresponding transmission lines and distribution systems to be expanded together with mini grids and off grids systems where grid cannot be extended in the near future.

The Technical Assistance aims to increase share of renewable energy in Afghanistan by developing a roadmap, developing hybrid wind/solar/diesel renewable energy projects, and increasing the necessary institutional capacity in the country. The TA will build on previous work and complement ongoing efforts of MEW and other development partners that will contribute to and benefit from ADB s broader Clean Energy and Energy for All programs.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Technical Assistance

Asian Development Bank

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