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Water Resources Development Investment Program - Project 1 (Afghanistan)


Titre : Water Resources Development Investment Program - Project 1 (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan

Localisation : Balkh, Jawzjan, Takhar, Kunduz and Nangarhar Provinces

Code projet : 42091-032

Secteur : Agricultural policy, institutional and capacity development Irrigation Rural flood protection Water-based natural resources management

Date approbation : 06 Oct 2009

The Investment Program is consistent with ADB s Afghanistan country partnership strategy (CPS) 2009 2013, long-term strategic framework 2008 2020 (Strategy 2020), and water policy Water for All. The Investment Program will finance (i) the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing and development of new irrigation and water resources infrastructure, (ii) flood management infrastructure, (iii) institutional strengthening, and (iv) capacity building for key staff throughout the sector. The first tranche project has four components : (i) northern basins development (NBD) that includes rehabilitation and upgrading of irrigation infrastructure, and development of a river basin agency (RBA) and water users associations (WUAs) for water management ; (ii) Nangarhar Valley Development Authority (NVDA) improvement that includes irrigation rehabilitation and upgrading, development of WUAs, and a management reform plan for the NVDA ; (iii) flood management that includes development of flood protection infrastructure along the Amu Darya River and development of a national flood management program ; and (iv) project management and program development that includes a program development facility to prepare the subsequent two tranches of the MFF.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Grant
ADB Financing ($ thousand) : 86,600

Asian Development Bank

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