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Darkhan Wastewater Management Project (Mongolia)


Titre : Darkhan Wastewater Management Project (Mongolia)

Pays : Mongolie

Code projet : 37697-025

Secteur : Water supply and other municipal infrastructure and services

Date approbation : 16 Dec 2014

The project will support environmentally sustainable urban development and improved living standards in Darkhan City, Mongolia. It will improve the city ’s wastewater management infrastructure and service delivery through (i) a modern wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), (ii) improved sewer system and pumping stations, and (iii) institutional capacity development and policy dialogue. The project will promote poverty alleviation supporting of a city with 27% poverty incidence and contribute to a more balanced national urban system and strengthened urban-rural relationships by supporting urban and industrial development of a second tier city in Mongolia. The project will contribute to improved cross-border water quality management by improved water quality of the Kharaa River that drains into the Baikal Lake in the Russian Federation.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Loan Technical Assistance

ADB Financing ($ thousand) : 18,500

Asian Development Bank

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