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Agriculture and Rural Development Project (Mongolia)


Titre : Agriculture and Rural Development Project (Mongolia)

Pays : Mongolie
Localisation : Nationwide

Code projet : 39229-022

Secteur : Agricultural production Agro-industry, marketing, and trade Livestock

Date approbation : 29 Sep 2008

The Project will develop value chains to deliver unique premium value products to niche markets. The Project will deliver these outputs through three components : (i) value-chain development under which it will establish a deposit account to guarantee 50% of the total amount of loans made by private commercial banks to agribusiness enterprises for value-chain development investment plans (selected by the bank from among a group of prequalified plans with high public goods elements), (ii) a local grant and infrastructure development facility to develop rural infrastructure and services, and (iii) project management. In a break with traditional approaches, the Project will provide private enterprises with resources to undertake value-chain investments that have typically been undertaken by public agencies.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Technical Assistance Grant
ADB Financing ($ thousand) : 16,720

Asian Development Bank

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