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Development of Mini Hydropower Plants in Badakhshan and Bamyan Provinces (Afghanistan)


Titre : Development of Mini Hydropower Plants in Badakhshan and Bamyan Provinces (Afghanistan)

Pays : Afghanistan
Localisation : Topchi, Bamyan Province,Baharak, Badakhshan Province

Code projet : 42094-062

Secteur : Renewable Energy

Date approbation : 28 Nov 2008
Date cloture : 30 Oct 2014

The project entails development of up to four mini hydropower plants through cofinancing by Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction. The project will serve remote district centers in Badakhshan and Bamyan provinces on North Eastern and Central Afghanistan — these provinces are not expected to be supplied by the North East Power System (NEPS) grid in the foreseeable future. The aggregate installed capacity will be around 2 MW (0.5MW x 4). The Project objective is to improve the quality of life of rural communities in Badakhshan and Bamyan provinces through the provision of electricity services supplied by mini hydropower plants (MHP) with generating capacity below 1,000 kilowatts (kW). The Project outcome will include : (i) provision of affordable and stable electricity, (ii) increase in rural commercial activities from establishment of enterprises using electricity, (iii) increased employment opportunities, (iv) reduction of indoor pollution caused by the use of indigenous sources of energy, and (v) capacity building in small hydropower development. The Project outputs are the identification, planning, designing, and establishment of a maximum of four off-grid MHPs, each with an installed capacity in the order of magnitude of 500 kW. Target areas are district centers that are not planned for grid connection in the foreseeable future or are being supplied through expensive and unreliable diesel generation. Communities will receive support to establish income-generating activities during the day-time (i.e., off-peak hours). The MHPs will be operated and maintained by the Afghanistan Electricity Corporation (DABS), the national power utility. To ensure sustainable management, capacity building is integrated as an essential component of the Project. Similarly, the entire project cycle is regarded as an on-the-job training opportunity in which counterpart staff of the Executing Agency, DABS, will be closely engaged in subproject preparation and implementation.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Grant

Asian Development Bank

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