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Food Security Project for Underprivileged Farmers (KR2) Senegal


Titre : Food Security Project for Underprivileged Farmers (KR2) Senegal

Pays : Sénégal
Localisation : Saint-Louis, Fatick, Kaolack and Matam regions

Durée : 2008 (Temporary Supports)

The KR2 assistance aims to provide fertilizer to improve productivity and to support agricultural production. By assisting the Government to sell the fertilizers with discounted prices. The project will improve farmers and rural organizations access to input.

Résumé du projet
In a context characterized by food crisis which comes periodically, JICA contributes to the livelihoods improvement of rural populations by providing fertilizer to increase cereal productions (rice and maïze). These supports are in the framework of the Japan Official Development Assistance strategy which put a particular emphasis on food security, considered as the base of development. Between 2008 and 2011, Japan has granted to Senegal 25 059 tons of urea for a total amount of 1 060 000 yens. In 2012, 6 079 tons were donated. The income from the sales of inputs given by the Government of Japan are accumulated in a funds called ‘Counter-part Fund’ intended for financing rural development projects. The objective sought through the creation of this fund is to help Senegal to achieve poverty reduction and improve living conditions of populations. These repetitive supports from the Government of Japan join the will of the Senegalese Government to fight against poverty and achieve food insecurity through the increasing of food productions.

Organisme d’exécution : Directorate of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipement

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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