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Digital Topographic Mapping Project in Northern Senegal (Senegal)


Digital Topographic Mapping Project in Northern Senegal (Senegal)

Pays : Sénégal

Localisation : The region including the border between Senegal and Mauritania or Mali along to the Senegal River

Durée : 2011-2013


* Creation of a digital map at the 1/50 000 ;
* Transfer of relevant skills to local authorities specially the Direction of Geographic and Cartographic works ;
* Permit to DTGC, at the end of the project, to be independent in the production of topographic maps for other areas of the country

Résumé du projet

This project covers an area of 30 000 Km2 in the northern and North-East of Senegal, the long of Senegal’s river, from Saint-Louis to Kénieba.
It allowed achieving in a period of two years, a digital topographic mapping, with a geo-referenced database fairly accurately from the high resolution satellite images as well as the establishment of a portal for diffusion by internet.
This project enabled to solve the mapping needs of agricultural development projects, road etc. In the northen Senegal, while favoring the emergence of techniques and the most recent products such as navigation onboard road, geolocation, the generalization of the diffusion by internet of the map information. As well, the digital topographic mapping of Senegal is a major step and a very significant step in the implementation of the geographic and cartographic equipment plan of Senegal

Organisme d’exécution : National Agency of Land Settlement (ANAT), Ministry of Land Settlement and Local Authorities

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