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Enhancing Efficiency in Rural Infrastructure (Uzbekistan)


Titre : Enhancing Efficiency in Rural Infrastructure (Uzbekistan)

Pays : Uzbekistan

Localisation : Nationwide

Code projet : 48039-001

Secteur : Small and medium enterprise development Public administration Urban housing

Date approbation : 08 May 2015

This Technical Assistance (TA) will enhance rural outcomes in three ways. First, the TA will assess a random sample of the houses constructed, infrastructure, community facilities, home-based businesses and oversight mechanisms in the field, and recommend ways to improve them. Second, the technical capacity of relevant government agencies will be enhanced, to improve HIRD physical implementation and enable any necessary changes to policies, procedures, and practives for construction and completion of rural houses and related infrastructure. Third, responsiveness to client needs from Government agencies will be improved by better interactions with HIRD beneficiaries.

Type or Modality of Assistance : Technical Assistance (TA)

ADB Financing ($ thousand) : 600

Asian Development Bank

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