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Western Kazakhstan Road Network Rehabilitation Project


Titre : Western Kazakhstan Road Network Rehabilitation Project

Pays : Kazakhstan

Date : 2000

The purpose of the Project is to re-pave and repair road bed for the three most degraded portions of the West Kazakhstan Road : Aryrau - Uralsk (total length : about 492km) ; Kostanai Oblast Border - Karabutak (249km) ; and Karabutak - Aktyubinsk (213km), to ensure efficient road transportation. The proceeds of the loan will be used for the procurement of civil works, services and consulting services (which include support for procurement and coordination of construction) required for the Project.

Résumé du projet
The target area of the Project, Western Kazakhstan, is located at the heart of offshore oil field development activity in the Caspian Sea, which is currently attracting global attention (more than 90% of crude oil in Kazakhstan is produced in this area). It is in this area that various large-scale projects are either underway or being planned. Among them are the development of the country’s largest Tengiz oil fields and other oil and natural gas fields, Atyrau Oil Refinery Rehabilitation, also the largest in the country, and pipeline construction. The trunk road of this region is the West Kazakhstan Road that cuts across the country east and west, starting from the new capital Astana and linking Aktyubinsk, Uralsk, and Atyrau. The road is mainly used for truck transportation that transfers natural resources, grain and oil products, along with materials required for infrastructure development and related goods. In the vast land of Kazakhstan, this road contributes greatly to smooth freight traffic between east and west. As this road links Central Asia and Europe, it also functions as an international route, which carries freight traffic to Russia and other neighboring countries. In view of these considerations, the Government of Kazakhstan has designated this road as one of the highest priority segment in the National Road Development Plan. However, due to poor construction work (during the former Soviet era) and wear and tear from the heavy traffic of overloaded vehicles, the paved surface of the road has deteriorated badly, and some segments are so bumpy that the drivers find it hard to maintain a proper speed, posing a problem for normal driving and transportation efficiency. Therefore, to ensure smooth freight traffic, rehabilitation work is urgently called for.

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Transport and Communications

Montant du prêt : Amount (million yen) 16,539

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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