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Regeneration of Historical Centers in Local Government Units - RHC | Palestine


Titre : Regeneration of Historical Centers in Local Government Units - RHC | Palestine

Pays : Palestine
Lieu : West Bank

Durée : 2013 - 2018

"Municipal development and local governance" is at the core of viable and sustainable state building in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Since the start of the LGRDP programme in 2010, the Belgian Government is supporting the decentralisation efforts of the Palestinian National Authority by strengthening the smaller and non viable local governments into more sustainable and effective structures through the Government policy of Local Government Units (LGU) amalgamation and the creation of joint service arrangements for LGUs.
Preservation and restoration of historical and cultural heritage is one of the crucial dimensions of state-and nation building. In an overall context of separation, fragmentation, and limited national planning power, The OPT is also marked by a sharp deterioration of its architectural and cultural heritage. This deterioration is based on several factors : the destruction related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ; abandonment of buildings due to ignorance and lack of interest of local populations (especially young people) ; urbanization processes that do not consider traditional structures ; Palestinian laws for the protection of historic buildings that are ineffective (or non-existent) and villages which are very isolated.

The regeneration program goes in line with the main objectives of the ’Palestinian National Development Plan’. The goal is to develop a local government sector that is capable of providing services and contributing to sustainable development. It aims at revitalizing historical centers of LGUs and/or municipalities through stimulating local economic, social and cultural development, and thereby improving lives and livelihoods. The dimension of Palestinian identity and tradition is important, as well as the notion of innovation and change, and the cross-cutting themes of women and youth participation, environment and good governance. The target group will be clusters of collaborating LGU’s for joint visioning and planning, offering the opportunity for endogenous and local economic development starting from its historical centres.
The general objective is to improve the social, cultural and economic development of Local Government Units and Municipalities in Palestine
The specific objective is to enhance Local Governments capacity to regenerate their Historic Centres and support sustainable local development in these areas.

Financement : Belgium & Ministry of Local Government
Budget : € 8000000

Présentation : Open Aid Be

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