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Programme d’Appui au Secteur Eau, Hygiène et Assanissement au Niger/PASEHA2


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Titre : Programme d’Appui au Secteur Eau, Hygiène et Assanissement au Niger/PASEHA2

Pays : Niger

Code projet : DK-1-199679

Période d’exécution : 01-01-2012 - 31-12-2016

Within the context of Nigers poverty reduction strategy the program aims to strengthen the capacity of the state to sustainably manage the water ressources and improve the access to potable water in the regions of Zinder and Diffa, where large population groups are excluded from such access. The program also aims to improve public health through support to information campaigns regarding hygiene and through the construction of public and private latrines.

The program comprises two components, as follows :
1. The objective of the first component is to improve access to safe drinking water in rural areas and villages in Zinder and Diffa regions in Nigers south-east while the capacity of central and local water authorities to manage the water ressources is being strengthened. 160.000 persons will have access to safe drinking water through the drilling of new wells and construction of distribution networks, as well as through the rehabilitation and up-scaling of existing infrastructure. Some installations will further serve farm animals. The sustainable management of the water ressources through the involvement of the private sector and local authorities is a central theme in the support. At the administrative level the program shall contribute to the development of a national water strategy, which shall serve as a planning framework for both donors and national actors towards achieving the 2015 goals, and which shall ensure sustainable management and use of water ressources.
2. The second component aims to reinforce the positive effects of increased access to safe drinking water in terms of improved public health by increasing the availability of public and private latrines in Zinder and Diffa. This will be achieved by the construction of latrines in schools, markets and selected private residences, while campaigns will be conducted to improve awareness of hygiene issues. The program is expected to improve the access to latrines of an estimated 532.000 persons.

Financement : 97,326,573.00 DKK

Présentation (Danida Open Aid)

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