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Support to National Solidarity Programme (NSP) Afghanistan


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Titre : Support to National Solidarity Programme (NSP) Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Code projet : DK-1-225303

Période d’exécution : 01-01-2014 - 31-12-2017

NSP is the Afghan government’s flagship development program and the largest development programme in Afghanistan. NSP started in 2003 and aims on basic economic development in the Afghan countryside. The programme works in all provinces and districts and is scheduled during the current third phase to achieve coverage of all the country’s villages. NSP awards block grants to villages equivalent to USD 200 per household. The prerequisite for block grants is that the village first establishes a democratically elected development councils, Community Development Councils, which makes decisions about how money should be spent . The block grants are typically used for the rehabilitation of local infrastructure such as roads and bridges (26%) , water and sanitation (24%) , irrigation (19%) , energy (12% ) and education ( 10%).

Disbursement : 3,470,553.00 USD

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