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Nouakchott Water Supply from the Senegal River (Mauritania)


Titre : Nouakchott Water Supply from the Senegal River (Mauritania)

Pays de réalisation : Mauritanie

Date d’accord du prêt : 17/3/2007

Bénéficiaire : National Water Company

The project, which is expected to be completed by the year 2010, includes the construction of pumping stations, treatment plants and reservoirs, laying of transmission pipelines, land acquisition, consultancy services and institutional support for the National Water Company which will be in charge of the implementation and management of the project.

The project aims at using the Mauritanian water share from the Senegal river to eliminate the deficit in potable water supply of Nouakchott and to meet its future demand up to the year 2030. The project will also help improve the standard of living and health conditions of the population of Nouakchott, and will provide potable water for the villages and cities along the main conveyer between the Senegal river and Nouakchott. The loan will cover the gap in financing the initial project (loan No. 454/2003) due essentially to the increase in the price of the ductile iron pipes and the appreciation of the Euro.

Coût du projet : KD 107.1 million
Montant du prêt : KD 37.0 million (*) 1 KD is equivalant to about 3.6 US Dollars

Financement : The initial loan (No. 454/2003) and the present loan cover about 62.6% of the total project cost. The following funding agencies will also contribute to the financing of the project as follows : the Kuwait Fund with a loan of KD 10 million, the Saudi Fund with a loan equivalent to KD 8.7 million, the Islamic Bank with a loan equivalent to KD 2.8 million, and the African Development Bank with a loan equivalent to KD 3.8 million. The Government of Mauritania will cover the remaining cost of the project and any increase in cost.

Forme de concours : prêt


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