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Developing Water and Road Services in Rural Areas (Mauritania)


Titre : Developing Water and Road Services in Rural Areas (Mauritania)

Pays de réalisation : Mauritanie

Date d’accord du prêt : 17/03/2007

Bénéficiaire : Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development

The project, expected to be implemented by the end of 2010, includes the acquisition of the equipment for drinking water and small irrigation networks, the construction of water dikes, the construction and rehabilitation of small dams, and the construction of several rural roads, in addition to the provision of technical and consultancy services and institutional support for the recipient parties supervising the implementation of the project.

The project aims at reducing poverty and unemployment, and improving the living conditions of the population in remote rural areas. This is achieved through the development of water resources for drinking and agricultural purposes, as well as the reduction of the isolation of many areas through the construction of rural roads. The project includes a major part of the works related to drinking water and rural roads incorporated in both the Program of the Universal Access to Basic Services and the Program of the Sustainable Development of the Oases, in addition to the construction of small dams and wells.

Coût du projet : KD 14.8 million
Montant du prêt : KD 13.0 million (*) 1 KD is equivalant to about 3.6 US Dollars

Financement : The Arab Fund’s loan covers about 87.8% of the total project cost. The Mauritanian Government will cover the remaining cost of the project and any additional cost that might arise.
Forme de concours : prêt


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