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Adaptation in the coastal zones of Mozambique


Titre : Adaptation in the coastal zones of Mozambique

Pays : Mozambique

Zone d’intervention : Cabo Delgado, Zambezia, Inhambane and Cabo Delgado Provinces

Durée : January 2012 à December 2015

Domaine d’intervention : Environment and Energy


The coastal zone of Mozambique is likely to experience significant impacts as a result of climate change in the course of this century, even if the efforts expected from the international community to stabilise atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations eventuate. Mean sea levels are expected to rise, wave climates are likely to alter and the frequency and intensity of storms are projected to increase.
The project has been designed to address the most urgent and immediate adaptation priorities identified in the NAPA, which analyzed the multiple climate risks and vulnerabilities of Mozambique (MICOA 2003 ; MICOA 2007). The NAPA indicates four specific objectives that contribute to the above goal and are as follows :
1. Identify, characterize and map the eroded land and coastal vegetation ;
2. Identify rehabilitation techniques for dunes and mangroves to mitigate the effects of erosion ;
3. Identify participative actions for erosion mitigation ;
4. Develop strategic actions to sensitize and disseminate good practices in coastal communities.

The project aims to address the vulnerability of communities as a critical aspect in helping to relieve pressure on ecosystem resources. Livelihoods diversification is a key aspect of this project. The project will pilot 3 sites. Each has a specific set of problems and circumstances that render one of the three strategies (managed retreat, accommodation and protection) more or less suitable. The project will tackle barriers in relation to weak inter-sectoral policy coordination and development, low institutional and individual capacity to plan for climate change as well as financial constraints.

Financement : 2012-2015 Amount contributed per year UNDP Regular (Track) $ 200,000.00 ; Government (Cash) $ 170,000.00 GOV (In-kind) $ 657,000.00 - Total allocated resources (Global Environment Facility - GEF) $ 4,433,000

Présentation : PNUD

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