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Commission Européenne (CORDIS) 2006

MELIA Mediterranean dialogue on integrated water management

Water Management

CORDIS (Service Communautaire d’Information sur la Recherche et le Développement) Commission Européenne

Titre : MELIA Mediterranean dialogue on integrated water management

Région : Méditerranée

Code du projet : 517612 FP6-INCO F6

Durée : From 2006-09-01 to 2011-08-31

Despite the important number of research projects in the water management, monitoring of water resources and water related technology, performed at local, regional or Euro-Mediterranean scale, there exist a general perception that water management models are still constructed from points of view that ignores contributions from all the key stake-holders, specially users and citizens, determinant for the impact on the territory of water schemes and the satisfaction of the water demand, especially from the sustainability point of view. Another general perception in the Mediterranean area is the lack of visibility of the important role that Science and Technology play in the sustainable development of the region. _ Parts of these problems are due to communication gaps between political and administrative institutions, scientists, cultural workers, lawyers, economist, end-users and citizens. The Coordinated Action MELIA aims at structuring a dialogue among the key stakeholders concerned and affected by water use and management, such as scientists and professionals, decision makers, policy makers, water providers, citizens. This dialogue aims at creating a Forum where water players can share knowledge, find consensus and propose new perspectives on the emerging needs and appropriate integration of knowledge for water management, in a region of scarce resources such as the entire Mediterranean basin. _ The main MELIA targets are :
* Building a knowledgebase for integrated water management planning, based on integrating contributions from the wider spectra of perspectives
* Develop a Mediterranean-wide awareness of the social (cultural and participatory), economic and technological issues related to water management
* Propose participatory mechanisms and prevention tools to avoid conflicts between regions, states and different waters users
* Provides legislative and administrative bodies with criteria and arguments to support sustainable water policies and economy

Participants au projet
Participants : 44 organismes

Coût total : EUR 2 000 000
Contribution UE : EUR 2 000 000

Présentation : Commission Européenne

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