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Commission Européenne (CORDIS) 1997

Developing sustainable water management in the Jordan valley

Water Management Jordan

CORDIS (Service Communautaire d’Information sur la Recherche et le Développement) Commission Européenne

Titre : Developing sustainable water management in the Jordan valley

Région : Moyen Orient

Code du projet : IC18970161 FP4-INCO

Durée : From 1997-11-01 to 2001-04-30

The main objective of this project is to develop the scientific basis for an integral management plan of water resources and their use in the Jordan Valley.
Specific objectives are :
* Development of a GIS-based database containing harmonised sets of population, land use, soil and water data of the Jordan Valley, including consistent sets of maps that project distribution of water sources and users.
* Projection of potential available sources and demand of water until about 2030.
* Assessment of the hydrogeological conditions, including a conceptual model for assessing environmental and health risks of current practices on soils and groundwater.
* Identification of environmental and health risks of water quality degradation.
* Evaluation of water collection, storage, delivery and irrigation practices and development of scenarios for water and soil management, regarding different land use practices.
* Formulation of an optimisation model for water use, considering utilisation conflicts and potentials of conjunctive water uses.

Participants au projet
Participants : APPLIED RESEARCH INSTITUTE – JERUSALEM Palestine ; ENVIROCONSULT OFFICE Jordan ; JOANNEUM RESEARCH FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH Austria ; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - The Authority for Research and Development Israel

Présentation : Commission Européenne

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