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Daikundi livestock development program (Afghanistan)


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Daikundi livestock development program (Afghanistan)

Région/Pays : Afghanistan

Code : Project ID 110585

Durée : Project period 01-01-2014 to 31-12-2015

In order to face the problem of food insecurity in Daikundi, this project will help rural households to diversify their income sources. 2000 rural households will be assisted by constructing 12 feed banks for storing winterfeed for cattle and make them self-sustainable by providing trainings in management. Feed bank veterinary workers will be supported to improve the health status of the cattle.

The overall objective of this 12-months project is to create sustainable livelihoods for 2000 rural households in Daikundi Province. Other objectives are to improve the winter feeding of ruminants, improve the income level and position of women and to increase the quality and quantity of products of animal origin through improved animal husbandry and better access to animal health services.

* Male and female livestock farmers are trained on livestock management skills
* Veterinary Field Workers are trained to treat livestock in Miramor and Shahrestan District
* Feed banks are trained on feedbank management, accounting and bookkeeping
* Members of feed banks and livestock shura have better access to animal feed during winter
* Feed banks in Miramor and Shahrestan District are self-sustaining

Mise en œuvre : Norwegian Project Office/Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan  ; Skills Training And Rehabilitation Society STARS

Financement : Cordaid ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; Institutional donor(s)

Total budget : € 598,033
Funding through Cordaid : € 571,286

Présentation : CORDAID

Présentation (akvorsr)

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