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Preparing Teeru community for drought (Ethiopia)


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Preparing Teeru community for drought (Ethiopia)

Région/Pays : Ethiopie

Code : Project ID 109090

Durée : Project period 01-01-2013 to 28-02-2014

Afar is Ethiopia’s least developed region. People struggle with low access to basic services, rivalling tribes and decreasing access to water since the river Awash is drying up due to large scale irrigation. Several droughts hit the region, depleting the herds and so the livelihoods. This project aims to restore the livelihoods in 7 communities and increase their resilience to future droughts.

This project strengthens the capacity of the target community to recover from shocks of drought and get prepared for the future. The project aims to enable 7 adjoining communities reduce the risk of drought to become a disaster through strengthening community organization and their preparedness capacity, implementation some specific DRR measures, improving access to water and improved sustainability for the herds through animal treatment, vaccination, fodder and water access.

Animal feed introduced to support milking and breeding animals in dry season
Sustainable animal health services are available through community animal health workers
Improved access to water for humans and animals
DRR introduced to the community, DRR assessments completed and DRR plans made

Mise en œuvre : APDA Afar Pastoralist Development Association

Financement : Cordaid ; Cordaid Mensen in Nood ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Total budget : € 98,103
Funding through Cordaid : € 98,103


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