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Making Extractives work for the people (Kenya)


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Making Extractives work for the people (Kenya)

Région/Pays : Kenya

Code : Project ID 112526

Durée : Project period 01-01-2015 to 31-12-2015

Community and civil society capacity building for constructive OGM dialogue The asymmetry of information and power imbalance between key stakeholders in extractives sector causes that impacts of oil activities are insufficiently understood, explained and mitigated. This project aims to strengthen the capacities of communities and local civil society so they can engage in dialogue and work towards inclusive governance structures and appropriate benefit-sharing.

The overall goal of this project is to work for a Kenya where the exploitation of oil and mineral resources and the revenue accrued from the extractive industry are governed in a responsible, transparent and accountable manner to promote peace and an improved quality of life, particularly for citizens in countries directly impacted by oil and mineral development.

Mise en œuvre : Cordaid Kenya D. Risk Reduction Program

Financement : Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Total budget : € 75,000
Funding through Cordaid : € 75,000


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