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Youth Empowerment in Nablus, Palestine


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Youth Empowerment in Nablus, Palestine

Région/Pays : Palestine

Code : Project ID 111790

Durée : Project period 01-10-2014 to 31-12-2015

Increasing the resilience and leadership of Palestinian youth The youth empowerment program implemented by the Palestinian Counseling Center works on developing youth’s identity and sense of self-worth, and empowering youth with alternatives to violence in dealing with difficult circumstances and increasing their resilience, building on the strengths of youth, while at the same time trying to eliminate the factors that promote failure.

Goal : Youth possess skills to confront psychosocial problems in marginalized areas of Nablus
1. At-risk youth possess positive nonviolent alternatives to dealing with conflict and new understandings of gender roles and identities.
2. Parents are aware of the needs of youth and possess positive discipline methods that promote the empowerment of youth

Mise en œuvre : Palestinian Counseling Center - PCC

Financement : Cordaid ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Total budget : € 54,500
Funding through Cordaid : € 54,500


Présentation : AKVORSR

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