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SALAM : Sustainable Arid Land Management Partnership Programme

Global Mechanism (GM). Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

- SALAM : Sustainable Arid Land Management Partnership Programme

- The Sustainable Arid Land Management Partnership programme for the Gulf and neighbouring Arab States (SALAM) is being proposed by the Global Mechanism (GM) as a complementary initiative to further strengthen the countries’ efforts to address land degradation-related issues.

- The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, namely : The United Arab Emirates ; The State of Bahrain ; The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ; The Sultanate of Oman ; The State of Qatar ; and The State of Kuwait - have special economic and environmental profiles.

- Beyond the borders of the GCC countries, the region comprises countries with developing economies and economies in transition which face challenging socio-economic, political and environmental hurdles.

- The neighbouring Arab States that this programme intends to engage are : Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and the Palestinian Authority.

- The Programme reflects the participating countries’ different development trajectories and unique ecological context, building on the existing momentum of the countries by forging a strong partnership between the countries themselves and with external partners in pursuit of a common vision of reversing the trends of land degradation and of improving socio-economic conditions of local communities.

- For more information, please contact :

Mr Walid Nasr, Advisor, Asia & Pacific
Tel. +39 06 5459 2605

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