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Promoting Microfinance in South Sudan

Sud Soudan

Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Promoting Microfinance in South Sudan

Région/Pays : Sud Soudan

Code : Project ID 108296

Durée : Project period 01-08-2012 to 31-12-2013

Deliver financial services to the un-banked communities of South Sudan. Although the Rural Finance Initiative (RUFI )is relatively well performing, it still needs a lot of capacity building. For example, human resources are still very limited in South Sudan and RUFI’s capacities to manage a growing and more complex microfinance institution (MFI) are limited. This grant will contribute to RUFI’s increased capacity in different ways.

RUFI’s institutional capacity will be enhanced in the field of human resources, management, products development, systems and procedures. Next to that, an expatriate Technical Advisor will support RUFI during one year ; It is expected that the productivity and efficiency will be increased through provision of some fixed assets and the financial capacity will be strengthened in order to increase access to finance for 800 poor people per year.

* Productivity and efficiency of RUFI is increased
* 800 farmers improved their business skills
* Financial literecy training for 800 farmers
* Capacity building to increase efficiency of RUFI

Mise en œuvre : RUFI Rural Finance Initiative

Financement : Cordaid ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Total budget : € 294,650
Funding through Cordaid : € 294,650


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