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Protect the nomadic society against drought (Kenya)


Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID) Netherlands

Titre : Protect the nomadic society against drought (Kenya)

Région/Pays : Kenya

Code : Project ID 107205

Durée : Project period 01-01-2012 to 30-06-2013

Building resilience of pastoralist communities We are active in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, seriously affected by the drought. We are setting up a drought disaster risk reduction program for the pastoralists communities living in these regions. Seven partner organizations are involved in this project. Protecting the community against disaster risks will be started by making the knowledge on prevention available for them.

We want that the pastoralists communities are better prepared for the drought cycles affecting the regions. Well prepared communities are stronger and have a better chance to survive. Because of the cross border character of the program all communities within affected regions are involved.

* Organizations financing or implementing improved DRR interventions
* People whose vulnerability has been reduced
* Communities implementing measures to reduce vulnerability
* Lobby trajectories to influence policy of relevant actors
* Organizations involved in collaborations re DRR
* Organizations with increased capacities re DRR
* Communities with DRR plans
* Community committees trained in disaster risk reduction (DRR)
* Concrete improvements in DRR policy with relevant actors

Mise en œuvre : Community Initiative Facilitation and Assistance ; Intl. Inst. of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) ; PACIDA ; Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance

Financement : Cordaid ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; European Union

Total budget : € 1,532,310
Funding through Cordaid : € 1,532,310


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