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Batha-Ouaddaï Food Security Initiative (Chad)


Titre : Batha-Ouaddaï Food Security Initiative (Chad)

Pays : Tchad

Lieu : Ouddaï and Batha regions

Date : 2012

* Reduce community risk and vulnerability to food insecurity, improve community health, and strengthen livelihood systems and resilience in Ouddaï and Batha regions.
* Provided health assistance for the delivery of 2,501 newborns, including clean cutting of umbilical cords, drying, wrapping and immediate breastfeeding. Traditional birth attendants and qualified health agents visited all 2,501 newborns within three days after birth.
* Built 26 wells. Provided support for chlorination of 11,295,740 liters of drinking water and conducted 167 water hygiene awareness campaigns across 84 villages.
* Rehabilitated Facha Dam and built 8,897 linear meters of dykes and stone lines in Eastern Batha, recovering 786.75 hectares of additional land for off-season crops.
* Distributed 1,118,575 kilograms of soy-fortified bulgur to 136,275 beneficiaries to foster development through Food For Work, Food For Literacy and through direct distribution to mitigate the severe food crisis.

Partenaire : Food for Peace

Africare Annual Report (2012)

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